Liquid Waterproofing


What is Liquid Roofing (Liquid Waterproofing)?

Liquid Roofing is the process of waterproofing a roof. This is done by applying a specialist liquid roof coating. It is suited to all types of roof, including flat roofs and pitched roofs. The two main liquid systems are:

Asphalt Roofing Systems (this type of work needs to be done by a specialist Asphalt Contractor) and GRP/Fibreglass Roofing Systems.

Why Choose Liquid Waterproofing?

Liquid roofing has many benefits which make it a superior choice in comparison to other roof membrane materials such as felt and aspahlt.

It is the only roofing membrane which has a seamless waterproof membrane. It is joint free. Which means there will be no unsightly joints giving you an aesthetically pleasing finish. But more importantly no joints means no leaks. Leaving you with a completely waterproof roofing system.

As it is a liquid roofing system. It can reach parts of your roof that other membranes can't. It can literally fill every small gap on your roof leaving you with a 100% coverage. This is only possible with liquid waterproofing.

Another benefit of liquid roofing is that it is a cold-applied process. This eliminates the dangers and inconvenience caused by using hot applied systems. The advantage of this is building can remain occupied and operational throughout the applicaiton of the liquid roofing system.

Liquid roofing also benefits from having the properties of high elasticity and durability. It is also easy to maintain meaning other it's lifetime the costs to keep your roof functioning will be minimal.

Summary of the benefits of Liquid Waterproofing:

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