Felt Roofing


What is Roofing Felt?

Roofing felt is the base material used to make both roll roofing roof shingles. Felt paper is typically used as an underlay and is one type of membrane used in the asphalt roofing systems.

Why Choose Felt for your Roof?

Felt roofing is a tried and tested method of waterproofing roofing structures. It has been effectively used for decades. Phil Raynes of Guildford Roofing company Raynes Roofing  believes felt is the best choice in most cases. It’s weather resistance is greater when used on flat roofs rather than pitched roofs. But it is found on both types of roof due to its low cost in comparison to other roofing systems.

How Long Does a Felt Roof Last?

Felt Roofing will typically last for 10 years before any maintenance will be needed to keep it as an effective roofing system.



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